Why did you create this website, what is it about?

This website was created to give an insight into Transnistria for English speakers and others. Transnistria has now been an independent State for over 20 years yet many still know little of this multicultural State and her people.

Is this all just propaganda?

No, not at all. This is simply informing people of Transnistria.

I've heard Transnistria described as a “black hole” of Europe, is it true?

Now that is propaganda! Transnistria is no more a black hole than any other European country. It is a young, dynamic, forward looking society. You may have read negative commentary on the internet about Transnistria, every country has its issues, each and every country has its problems but to single Transnistria out as being a “bad” place is ridiculous and says more about those who make such allegations and their underlying aims than about Transnistria itself.

Is Transnistria a Communist country?

No. This may be somewhat confusing for Westerners when they see Soviet era emblems, statues and flags. These are historical, cultural.

Does Transnistria have a Constitution?

Yes, you can view and/or download the Constitution here.

Is Transnistria a democratic State?

Yes, of course! Transnistria holds free democratic elections, has a multi-party system, a fully functioning Parliament, a directly elected President, a Constitution, an Electoral Commission, an Ombudsman and a courts system including the Constitutional Court.

Can I visit Transnistria?

Of course! Transnistria is a lovely country, true, it is small but there are many countries which are about the same size or even smaller. The capital Tiraspol has plenty to offer the visitor, from culture to nightlife, dining to sights. The people of Transnistria are very friendly and you will be greeted with hospitality and a warm welcome. Transnistria is a young country, not used to mass tourism, essentially it remains a hidden gem in south-eastern Europe. And Transnistria is more than just Tiraspol, get out and explore the other towns and cities and countryside.

How can I get to Transnistria?

There are two ways to get to Transnistria, you can enter from Moldova or Ukraine. To enter from Moldova you can fly to Chisinau (Kishinev) and catch a taxi, bus, marshrutka or train to Tiraspol, the capital of Transnistria. To enter from Ukraine you can fly to Odessa and do likewise.

Who are the people of Transnistria?

Transnistria is a multiethnic society. According to the 2004 census Moldovans comprised 31.9% of the population of Transnistria, followed by Russians at 30.4% and Ukrainians at 28.8%. There are smaller ethnic groups such as Bulgarians (2.5%) and Polish (2%). Belarusians, Gagauz and Germans together constitute almost 2% of the population.

What is the difference between the names Transdniester, Transnistria and Pridnestrovie?

There is none! Transnistria is an English name for Pridnestrovie, as is Transdniester, whereas Pridnestrovie is the local name for Transnistria/Transdniester. You may also see an acronym PMR which stands for Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. This is the offical name of the State.

Is this site essentially "anti-Moldova"?

Not at all. The Republic of Moldova is one independent country, Transnistria is another independent country. Neither needs to exist in opposition to the other when both can co-exist on the basis of mutual recognition and neighbourliness.

The creators of this site, who are they?

We are simply people with an interest in and admiration for Transnistria and her people. We oppose the continuing international isolation of that country and the black propaganda directed towards it. We support and call for the international recognition of Transnistria. Despite what some people may think we do not sit in an office in Tiraspol, we are western Europeans living in western Europe.